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Sleep is important. We all need it. We are designed to love it. We can’t function very long without it.

Is there anything better than being super tired and having the opportunity to crawl into a warm, cozy bed, lay your head on a fluffy pillow and let your eyes close? No. There’s not.

Is there anything worse than not getting enough sleep and being awakened by an alarm clock or screaming baby and having to pull yourself out of slumber and get up. Very little is worse than that.

Because Sleep is awesome. If I could, I would go to sleep right now. All I do is dream of Sleep the whole night through. With the dawn I still go on dreaming of Sleep. Those are lyrics to a song that I have modified to include the word ‘sleep’. I have started capitalizing the word Sleep to give it the respect it deserves.

I write Sleep love notes. I buy Sleep birthday presents. If Sleep were a fair maiden, I would have married Sleep before I married my wife. I would make out with Sleep if that were possible.

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