What Exactly is Non-Human Food?

I talk to lots of people about implementing a healthy lifestyle into their surroundings. It's not just one thing or some magic pill but a collection of things: food, movement, sleep, and playing or enjoying.

Nutrition is a biggie since we have to do it to survive. You could technically survive by never moving and having erratic and irregular sleep patterns and never enjoying yourself (wouldn't be  fun life) but you HAVE TO EAT.

And as I've said before, there are a gajillion different right ways to eat. So an easier way to approach nutrition can be NOT eating non-human foods.

So how do you know if a food is human or non-human?

Pretty easy algorithm here:

Foods not found in nature.

Hmm. Pretty simple. But, wait! SUGAR is in nature! Ahha! I can eat sugar!

Do you know how much sugar cane you'd have to eat through "in nature" in order to get to the amount of sugar in a can of soda? Four feet.

Yeah...that's not natural.

So think of eating foods found in nature IN THEIR NATURAL STATE.

A little more complex way to put it could be to avoid:

  • sugars
  • grains
  • vegetable oils (which will cover most processed and boxed foods)

And even that's pretty simple.

The "right" way to eat has less to do with following a cookie-cutter plan (bad choice of words there) and everything to do with your genetic makeup and your goals.

Want to lose fat? Avoid high-glycemic carbs and starches.

Want to bulk up and build muscle? Add in some healthy starches, increase your carbs and we can talk about possibly adding in a blended protein powder and some branch chain amino acids.

Are you lean and want to maintain? Then good chances are you can keep doing what you're doing.

There are, like I said, a gajillion combinations of what TO do.

The "avoid" list is pretty universal. Follow it. Memorize it. It's not a plan or a shopping guide. Want help with what to eat or buy? Email me and we can talk.

And remember -- eat like a human. sleep like a human. move like a human. and enjoy life like a human.

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