Thoughts from Rick -- and video of him eating an olive and mushroom

What's up, Humans? So here we find ourselves at the beginning of February, and I'm checking in with a progress report on my resolutions. First, the flossing is going well...I've missed a couple of days, but the good news is I actually know how to floss now and maybe if I ever meet Eva T., she won't secretly be thinking how the inside of my mouth looks like a garbage dump.

The resolution about eating more foods is still in the works (when I finally got the courage up to eat a mushroom and an olive, we were out....but I'm gonna do this next week, see videos below). Which brings me to the BIG resolution, and that was to go one full month without ingesting any sugars or grains. I had 2 minor slip ups, but other than those, I was 99.9% compliant. So what happened???

Well, the big thing I learned is that I totally can do this. I've been "on the fence" for the last few months, wondering if I could actually survive without having sugars and grains. Before January, I usually did a good job about 5-6 days a week, but I'd always find a "good" reason to cheat a little. But what started off as "a little" always turned into "a lot." I'm pretty sure I was a sugar addict. Not that I found myself shivering on the bathroom floor covered in vomit because I was jonesing so hard (that would be rough), but I liked the taste. I liked it a lot. When I'd start thinking about an ice cream sandwich or a piece of pizza, it would derail my train and it was hard to get back to my life without giving in.

I work nights and there are about 20 Jack-in-the-Boxes around me...if I was bored and hungry and cranky, it was really tough to get on without stopping and getting an occasional oreo shake. I mean, who's gonna know? It's not like anyone would see me, right? It's the middle of the night! "I've made so much progress...I deserve a treat!" But until now, I didn't realize fully that I wasn't "treating" myself to anything but jacking with my metabolism and hormones.

That old saying "a moment on the lips for a lifetime on the hips" just didn't (and still doesn't) resonate with me. But after powering through (and doing a lot of reading...READ JONATHAN BAILOR'S BOOK "THE CALORIE MYTH"), it finally hit me that I was putting poison into my body and setting myself up for total failure.

Now as far as quantifiable results, I don't have any. I'm trying not to weigh myself anymore because I think I get too tied in to the number on the scale and I'd totally sink or swim with that number. But I can tell you that my wedding ring is looser now than it was a month ago. And my clothes feel looser (because of the giant, complex getup I have to wear to work, I'm VERY quick to notice changes in how they fit). I don't think I'm sleeping any better than before, but because I'm a daysleeper, I sleep like crap no matter what. I think I have more energy, though, and I feel like I'm in a better mood (although my wife would probably be the best judge of that).

Overall, I'm really pleased with how this is going, but the most important thing I took away is that this is an absolutely sustainable way to eat for the rest of my life. As Bailor points out in his book, if you're evaluating a dietary or exercise change, you need to ask yourself "is this something I can do long term? If the answer is no, then don't do it." Well, for me the answer is a resounding "yes." Do I miss pizza and ice cream and all that other stuff. A little, I guess. But I'm more focused on doing good for my body than I am satisfying a momentary random craving.