Bare Feet -- or is that Bear Feet? Part II

In Part I of this article we learned that 25% of all bones and muscles in our body are located below the ankle -- aka, the FOOT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

And wearing shoes, especially shoes with big heels, is highly detrimental to our health. So now I've promised to share some things that you can start doing to reverse the negative effects of years and years of shoe and heel wearing.

Here's one other thing to think about -- imagine a pipe in the ground. If it is clear of debris and in a straight line, things can flow through it fast and with little effort.

Now take that pipe and put a bunch of kinks in it and maybe jam a rock against the outside in a few places. Now all of the sudden it's much harder for things to flow through that pipe. And not only that, but the more bends in the pipe, the more things ram up against the sides of the pipe which damages the pipe.

OK -- the pipe is your cardiovascular system and nervous system, your skeletal and muscular system is the ground or external atmosphere. If your bones aren't lined up and your muscles are weak, you get internal problems. Many nerve and blood vessel issues could be resolved with proper alignment and muscle strength.

Moving on...things you can do to strengthen your feet:

  • go no shoes or shoes with no heel as much as possible -- your kids, too // a "no shoes in the house" rule is good // take your shoes off at work // take walks barefoot or in Vibram FiveFingers -- don't overdo it. I read Born To Run and started going barefoot 100% of the time while running and ended up really hurting my foot -- take it slow.
  • keep a golf or lacrosse ball handy and take your shoes off as much as possible and roll that ball under the soft tissue on the bottom of the feet
  • buy these things and wear them -- they come with handy dandy instructions. I wear them daily
  • don't cut your calluses off -- that's a sign of healthy skin that is bearing some weight
  • when you're watching TV or at work, take your shoes off and put your feet on top of a t-shirt or towel and scrunch up the cloth with your toes

Good luck with your feet strengthening protocol! Please email me or post a comment with any questions you have about this...

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