How my Dog Eating Poop is Like Current Health in America

So one of my numnuts beagles has been eating his own poop. On top of that -- he's the in-your-face-licker dog. The stay-out-of-your-face dog couldn't be the one with this problem...had to be the other one.

Anyway -- it's unbearably smelly so every other night or so I'll take a wipee and scrub out the folds on either side of his jaw -- you know, like his lower lip, it has these little folds where the feces gets caught and dries.

dis. Cuss. ting.

Anyway -- it reminds me of the health and wellness arenas in our culture. Everybody pops pills and looks for easy ways to TREAT stuff: statins, prilosec, blood pressure meds, an on and on and on. Without actually trying to PREVENT the disorder from occurring in the first place.

That's like wiping the poop from the folds in your lower lip.

Why not just STOP EATING POOP?!