Christmas Thought...

It’s Christmas Eve so 99% of everyone in this country has some sort of pie or cake or dessert (or 7) filling their kitchens right now. That’s fine. You got to put some life into living.

BUT going crazy on desserts around birthdays and holidays does not HAVE TO happen. It's not like Santa won't come if you don't eat an entire pecan pie -- he only doesn't come if you don't GO TO BED KIDS...PLEASE! ENOUGH! BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEEEEEEP!!!!!!! 


I am a sugar addict. Always have been. Always will be. I have put down some desserts in my day. But I’ve gotten to a point now, after avoiding sweets for so long, that the “enjoy” factor does not outweigh the “how I feel” factor when I eat sweets. In other words, there is no enjoyment in the sweet stuff anymore because I feel physically terrible when I eat them -- which if you had told me two years ago that I was going to write that today I would have punched you in the neck and started choke-sobbing uncontrollably. I have to use zero willpower to avoid sweets during holidays -- none. Which is such a huge relief. It’s not torture anymore to not eat stuff that has a negative effect in my body. 

Looking at the dessert table is like looking at a table of hats and socks. It's not food to me anymore. 

If you’re not there yet (or never want to be) that’s totally fine. But if food has an unhealthy hold on you, especially around the holidays, know that there is hope and you can get through a holiday not gorging on sweets and, more importantly, not feeling like you missed out on anything.

Happy Holidays!