A Critical Element -- Part II

In Part I of our look at the importance of water, we looked at just a small fraction of all the things water does in our bodies.

The conclusion was this -- without enough water = you die.

So it amazes me that so many people drink soda or sugary “sport” drinks instead of something so vital to all life on Earth.

My first thought when I see a commercial of young, healthy, happy people drinking Dr. Pepper, or any soft drink for that matter, goes something like this -- “Hey commercial makers, why don’t you cast the people that ACTUALLY drink soda every day in your commercials?”

The answer to that is pretty simple: "well Mark, we don’t cast regular soda drinkers in our commercials because then people would stop buying our products because of what those people look like -- no offense to our regular customers though!”

And that -- as we know -- would defeat the purpose of a commercial. I’m not saying that if you drink soda every day that you’re not super hot or cannot be super hot -- not at all. What I’m saying is that for the most part -- the kinds of people who drink soda every day (or multiple sodas every day) are probably lacking in other areas of health and wellness (i.e. they don’t sleep well, don’t eat super clean diet, don’t exercise too often) and aren’t what marketers would consider the type of people you’d cast in a national television ad. Does that make sense?

I don’t know of many people that drink soda moderately -- like one every couple of days. I know people who either never drink soda, or who drink multiple sodas every day. Now I know there are exceptions to that and there ARE people out there who can drink soda in moderation. But they’re about as rare as those insulin sensitive people we all know that can eat whatever they want and are still rail thin (actually the two populations are probably made up of the exact same people). Anyway, those folks are rare. And I hate those people anyway, so...

It just kills me to see sports figures in commercials guzzling Gatorade or Powerade which just boosts the image of those drinks and causes more people to buy them and drink them.

There just isn’t any money in promoting water. There are no glamorous commercials with quarterbacks chugging bottles of water. Why? Because the other stuff TASTES better, and that -- ultimately -- is what is being sold.

Advertisers and marketers are playing on our food reward system that gives us pleasure when we taste something yummy.


None. There is NOTHING that is in soda, sports drinks, or even juice that can’t be obtained by the body in other, more human, forms of nutrition. And not only is there no nutritional benefit, the only things that happen after drinking anything other than water are NEGATIVE.

Gatorade can’t advertise that its product makes anyone healthier or helps anyone with ANYTHING other than a quick energy surge and the privilege of saying “mmmmm”.

But Gatorade and other sugary sports drinks DO give a quick energy burst which is great for athletic endeavors, right? Not necessarily. There are better ways to get that energy spike than consuming straight, processed sugar. How about a banana, an apple or some berries? Nuts and seeds are also great for energy. Coconut oil and coconut butter are great, too.

And if you are functioning metabolically like a human is SUPPOSED to function -- you don’t need as much carbohydrate or glucose to get quick energy. Your body gets it from other sources -- like fatty acids and ketones. Go to Vinnie Tortorich’s website and listen to his awesome podcast if you think I’m crazy saying you don’t need tons of sugar via gels and sports drinks to fuel races and workouts that last several hours.

Let’s take a look at what happens when you get sugar in liquid form:

You take a sip…and find out what happens in A Critical Element -- Part III.

Thanks for reading.  

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