Eating Simply Human Foods is NOT Restrictive -- Exhibit D

I eat a ton of a wide variety of real, human food. I never feel restricted or like I'm depriving myself in any way, shape or form. However, there is a common misconception that cutting out grains, sugars, and processed foods leaves no other food options. So I'm here to break that misconception -- eating real, human food is not restrictive, Exhibit D:

  1. daikon radishes
  2. dandelion greens
  3. dandelions
  4. Darjeeling tea
  5. dark chocolate (100%, no sugar added)
  6. dashi (soup)
  7. dates
  8. deer jerkey
  9. deer meat
  10. deer anything
  11. dill pickles
  12. dill
  13. dewberries
  14. Dijon mustard
  15. dog -- people eat dog some place, I don’t
  16. dolphin
  17. dragonfruit
  18. duck
  19. duck sauce
  20. dukkah (duqqa)
  21. dulse (seaweed).
  22. durian fruit
  23. duxelle

Up to 143 foods that don't include sugars or grains. 22 letters to go...