Kid Cuisine -- A chemistry lesson

Kid Cuisine. 

According to the box, it's a "good source of protein" with "real cheddar cheese" and a "good source of 7 vitamins and minerals".

What the front of the box doesn't tell you is that it's also a good source of 76 ingredients, includes 4 forms of sugar, even more forms of salt, and a whole collection of noxious preservatives that we weren't meant to eat...ever.

A quick look at the front of the box goes against the adage "eat your colors." We've got yellow, brown, and brown.

Let's break it down...

Pasta and Cheese Sauce

1. water - yes, good...water is good.

2. durum wheat - what pasta is made from

3. semolina - coarse, purified middle of durum wheat, common in pastas

4. whole grain wheat flour - not great...but better than a fake food

5. egg white - not bad

6. water - more water!

7. pasteurized cultured milk

8. salt - you get plenty of salt from natural sources

9. enzymes - who knows what this even know how many enzymes there are? That's like saying, "we're going to have weather in the forecast."

10. annatto (color) - derived from seeds of achiote tree

11. whey - protein, the liquidy stuff you see before you mix up your yogurt

12. soybean oil - derived from soybeans, and unless otherwise noted, GM soybeans (genetically modified which is no bueno). Soybean oil slowly hardens when exposed to air so it's also good for printing ink and paint formulations. Not Good.

13. modified corn starch - thickening agent

14. sweet cream - cream that is sweet...and not healthy

15. nonfat milk

16. sodium caseinate - stabilized molecule of sodium hydroxide and caseinate (a dairy protein that has been directly linked to is bad).

17. wheat flour

18. whey - already seen this one

19. pasteurized milk - milk with a 3 week shelf life

20, cheese culture - fermented cheese

21, salt - enough salt

22, enzymes - again?

23. sunflower oil - oil compressed from sunflower seeds, again, an oil...not particularly healthy. Most "vegetable" oils aren't healthy at all. They are 100% fat and are linked to heart disease and obesity.

24. maltodextrin - food additive commonly found in sodas and candy

25. salt - more salt?

26. sodium phosphate - generic term for salts of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid...common meat preservative...not food

27. citric acid - chemical, preservative

28. lactic acid - found in sour milk products, what causes the curdling in fermentation and gives sourdough bread its sour flavor

29 and 30. butter (cream and salt) - not healthy

31. whey protein concentrate - concentrated animal protein

32. acetic acid esters of mono- and digycerides - what? it's an emulsifier

33. potassium chloride - salt composed of potassium and chlorine, used to be put into fire extinguishers to put out fires

34. disodium phosphate - salt, used as an anti-caking additive in powdered products

35. salt - yes...more salt

36. maltodextrin - food additive commonly found in sodas and candy

37. citric acid - chemical, preservative

Beta Carotene made from...

38. corn oil - oil pressed from corn, genetically modified, questionable corn

39. beta carotene (color)


40. corn

41. water

42. sugar - well they couldn't do much to screw up corn...except add MORE sugar.

Tater Puff

43. potatoes - yes, good. potatoes

44. vegetable oil (either canola, corn, cottonseed, palm, soybean, or sunflower - basically whichever is cheaper at the time which is more than likely the unhealthiest, cottonseed IMO...who eats cotton??)

45. dehydrated potato

46. salt - (sigh) more salt

47. disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate (color retention) - binding agent

48. dextrose - another way they try and trick you. Dextrose is another term for glucose, which is sugar

Breaded Fish Sticks

49. minced pollock - fish

50. wheat flour

51. niacin - Vitamin b3

52. ferrous sulfate (iron)

53. thiamine mononitrate - vitamin b1

54. riboflavin - b2

55. folic acid - b9

56. water

57. modified corn starch - thickening agent

58. yellow corn flour

59. whey

60. iodized salt - table salt

61. sugar

62. rice flour

63. salt

64. corn starch - thickening agent

65. baking soda

66. sodium aluminum phosphate - chemical

67. sodium acid pyrphosphate - preservative and leavening agent

68. yeast

69. caramel color - not food

70. sodium caseinate - form of casein, that controversial dairy protein

71. extractives of paprika

72. soybean oil

73. modified cellulose - the structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, well THAT sounds good, but wait - it's also the major constituent of paper, paperboard, card stock and textiles made from cotton and linen...and it's in your food.

74. oat fiber

75. partially hydrogenated soybean oil - this is not good...anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated is incredibly bad for you. This is when the oil becomes solid at room temperature and never goes want to eat that?

76. mono- and diglycerides - chemical, emulsifier, not food

76 INGREDIENTS.....76!!!!!!

Pretty incredible. And this is marketed so that kids will want to eat it. And we wonder why more and more kids are becoming more and more unhealthy!

To me, it's really not fair. Some moms and dads out there don't have the time or energy to research all this stuff. They probably trust that if the box says it's good, then it's good. When in fact, this Kids Cuisine is basically poison.