Cooling a Burning Stove Top

Just a quick thought I had while conversing with my wife over the weekend:

Our current health care system is completely absurd. Not to put blame on any one entity or sector entirely because it's everybody's fault.

It's like getting mad at all the gossip magazines and reality TV shows that keep popping up every time you turn around. Well guess what? If people didn't demand that stuff and consume it with ferocity, it wouldn't there's plenty of blame to go around.

I'm also not talking about ObamaCare or any sort of health care plan or new bill or saying anything political.

I'm talking about the nuts and bolts of the system. The foundation. What it's built on. Which is one thing: treatment.

That being said...

Let's imagine a hypothetical stove top in a hypothetical household kitchen (can you ever really imagine any other kind?).
All four burners are on. They're on high. The stove top is burning a bright, hot red. Got the image? we have an assignment: get the stove top to room temperature.

Easy enough. The simplest and most effective strategy would probably be what you've already thought of inside your head...yes...turn the knobs to "off". Problem solved.

But what if we tried something else?

What if someone proposed the idea that to get the burners cool, we need to use ice or cold water to counteract the heat of the coils.

What would that strategy look like in execution?

  1. You'd need a lot of ice or cold water.
  2. You'd need a way to keep that cooling mechanism continuously flowing onto the burners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. You'd need a way to funnel the run off in such a way as to not flood the surrounding kitchen.
  4. You'd need someone to monitor the situation.
  5. You'd need a supplier of cold water or ice.
  6. You'd need someone to handle the run off.
  7. You'd need someone or something to constantly check the temperature of the stove.
  8. Then those people are going to need insurance.
  9. And you'll probably need to get some insurance for that system of gutters and flowing water you've set up in the kitchen.
  10. Someone needs to monitor those people to make sure they're not sleeping on the job...

See where I'm going with this? It would be extremely complicated and it would cost MUCH, MUCH more than the first and easier method.

But THAT'S the system.

We could all be healthy very easily by making better and more intentional choices about what we fuel our bodies and minds with.

But instead of doing that...aka shutting the knobs off and going to do something else more fun...our health care system is fumbling over itself trying to treat high blood pressure with this medication, then treat the side-effects of that medication with another medication.

Before you know it, you're running out of room in your medicine cabinet and have to buy a whole new medicine cabinet just to hold all your medicine.

Billions of dollars go in to treatment research each year...and that's great. But think of the good some of that money could do if we simply turned the knobs off and prevented diseases in the first place?

How simple! But at the same time how incredibly far-fetched and unrealistic...and how sad.
Until we start trying to prevent diseases, the vicious cycle will never be shut down.

And in my opinion, you can prevent and stave off diseases by eating a plant-based, whole foods diet (notice I didn't say you had to completely eliminate animal products -- so long as the animal products you consume are eating plants and not grains or other rudimentary animals), getting good sleep, exercising regularly, and staying calm and relaxed.

Until everyone starts doing that...we're just going to keep trying to cool off the stove with a complicated and expensive ice water cooling method instead of just turning the blasted thing off.